Okay first of all, holy crap I’m now 23. I’m closer to 25 than 20… And yet I feel no different than when I turned, say, 19. I’ve definitely grown as a person since then, but I still can’t cook, I still get my Mum to ring up the doctors/dentist/opticians to schedule my appointments, and evidently would still rather have a dog than a boyfriend (because Huskies can’t break your heart, right?).

I’ve read a ton of these kind of ’25 things to do before 25’ or ’20 thoughts on turning 20’ posts before, and I always thought it would be fun to do one myself when my birthday comes back around. So to celebrate my new-found OAP status (at least amongst my friends) I’ve compiled a list of 23 things that I’ve learned over the past few years and will be keeping in mind from now onwards.


  1. There’s no place like home. Dorothy really knew what she was talking about.
  2. Everything is temporary. My cousin said this to me last year when I was feeling homesick in Oz and it’s really stuck with me since then.
  3. Just eat the damn chocolate bar. I know I want to lose weight and be healthier, but depriving myself of things I love just makes me miserable.
  4. Listen to your body. Yes eat the chocolate bar, but learn to love it in moderation. I need to start realising when my body is telling me to stop, and nourish it by eating healthier options.
  5. Travelling solo will make you a stronger person.
  6. Keep asking questions. Some people find it annoying that I ask so many, but hey, that’s their problem to deal with, not mine.
  7. It’s okay not to be okay.
  8. Everything happens for a reason.
  9. You can say no to things without having to justify yourself. Sometimes all you need is a night at home with a cup of tea and the boxset of Friends.
  10. Don’t stress so much about the little things, especially those you can’t control. I’ve gotten pretty good at being more laid back this past year by asking myself “will this matter in 5 years?”
  11. Learning not to be insecure about my body is taking longer than I would like, but that’s okay, I’ll get there eventually.
  12. But on that note, I’m probably not as big as I think I am.
  13. People actually like freckles. I hate hate hate my freckles (but love them on other people) even though everyone else says they’re cute.
  14. Trying to hide that I have a heart and * gasp * have actual feelings is exhausting, and I’m done with it.
  15. Stop saying sorry so much. It’s such a Northerner thing to do, and I’m a very polite person, but if they bumped into me or something happens and it’s the other person’s fault, I’m no longer apologizing! I’m also going to stop apologizing for the things I enjoy.
  16. Quality over quantity when it comes to friends.
  17. Learn how to be comfortable with your own company. Travelling solo definitely taught me this, because you’re not always going to meet people straight away, and sometimes you might want to do something that no one else is interested in.
  18. Exercise!!! My goal over the next few months is to become as physically fit as I was this time last year, and I want to take on Tough Mudder next summer, which means the gym is going to be like my second home this year.
  19. Learn to cook, for goodness sake just learn to cook, otherwise you’ll end up like me; 23 and still living off bagels and Heinz tinned soup.
  20. Don’t feel guilty for spending money on experiences.
  21. A smile goes a long way.
  22. Make an effort every day, especially on your bad days. I find that it improves my mood even just slightly if I at least feel good about what I look like/what I’m wearing on an off-day.
  23. Forget what Blink-182 said. People will still like you when you’re 23.







Today seems like the perfect time to publish this post, with the gloomy Manchester weather raining down outside my window, because come on, a Pride post is sure to brighten up anyone’s day, right?

Every year my Mum and I head up to Glasgow around the first weekend of August to visit family, which means we usually the catch the finals of the Bagpipe World Championships. This year I went to Boomtown Fair festival instead, so we rescheduled for the week after, meaning we got the opportunity to celebrate Glasgow Pride.

I’ve never actually been to a pride event before, albeit being from a town that’s known for its spectacular drag shows, and living in a city that has long been argued to be the gay capital of the UK. Tickets for the main event in Glasgow Green had already sold out by the time we had decided to go, but there was still the parade through the city centre to enjoy.

The parade was nothing short of fabulous, with music blasting from floats, people flying the pride flag proudly above their heads (pun intended), and countless dogs wearing colourful tutus, with my favourite being a Dalmatian covered in rainbow chalk.


I’m a sucker for a good freebie, so when people from the parade started handing out things like pens, pride wristbands, multi-coloured sunglasses, and bags of sweets and chocolate, it’s safe to say I was in my element. My absolute favourite though was a rainbow flag face-marker (is that how to describe it?). It’s a small, all-in-one set, where all you have to do it run it along your cheeks, or wherever you want it, and voila you have the LGBTQ flag done just like that! I’ve always wondered how people get their flag face paint so perfect, and now I know the answer!

The whole afternoon left us in such high spirits, and the centre of Glasgow was certainly feeling it too. I was so glad we got to celebrate and show our support for the LGBT community, and although I do enjoy seeing the Bagpipe finals, we’ve agreed we’re heading up at the same time next year to attend Pride once again.




Before I created this blog I had debated for months (yes, months) whether to jump straight into the deep end and self-host it from the start, or to just stick with WordPress-hosted instead. It wasn’t for any of the fancy behind the scenes work, but rather so I would have the freedom to design my page however I wanted.

In the end I opted for WordPress hosted, just incase I spent money on hosting fees and a theme and then end up not blogging at all. I’ll admit I’ve not been the most consistent at writing and posting, apart from Blogmas which I’m actually really proud of myself for keeping up with. In my drafts I currently have 7 posts about my time in Australia and 2 posts from being home, yet I just haven’t been able to publish any of them until I was happy with how my blog looked.

I know aesthetics aren’t the most important aspect, if anything it’s the content, but everyone has their own tastes and wants to at least like how their little corner of the internet looks, right? I was also self-conscious about whether other people would judge my blog if it didn’t look nice at first glance, which is a ridiculous thought because the blogger community has been nothing but welcoming to me.

However, this leads me to my current point that I’m sure everyone has already figured out; LivLivingLife has had a makeover! I’m super pleased with my theme from Pipdig, and now I definitely don’t have an excuse not to post at least once a week until the exams/deadline period of my Masters degree hits me like a bullet train. I’m thinking every Sunday? Let me know what you think. This layout makes my posts and pages easier to navigate, and you can find my other social media channels on the header and side bar.

If you run a blog, have you ever had these thoughts/doubts? What do you think of the new look?