Hello and welcome to Blogmas day 3! This post was actually meant for day 2 but I decided to change it up a little so I had more time to write it. Because I don’t have an oven in the hostel I had a look online for some no-bake recipes, then remembered the classic crispy cakes everyone made at least once in primary school, most likely for Easter with mini eggs for the toppings. I feel like I don’t need to write out a recipe or a step-by-step for this because they’re so simple to make and pretty much everyone has already done them before. However this would be a super short post if I didn’t say just a little something about it.

I always laugh when people buy frozen pizzas and then realise there’s no freezers or an oven to cook them in, so when guests were walking into the kitchen and saw Maya and I preparing these I’m sure they thought the same. But all we did was break up two bars of Coles Belgian chocolate, which is bloody lovely by the way, melted them in the microwave, then poured them into a big bowl of Rice Krispies and mixed it all together. As easy as pie. We looked for mini marshmallows at the store to make them look more Christmassy but had no luck, so instead we poured them into festive-themed cupcake holders and stuck santa and reindeer decorations on them. Cute, I know.

We then stuck them in the fridge for around twenty minutes and voila, we had twelve crispy cakes ready to eat, and by ready to eat I mean I ate all six of mine before the day was over. And yet I wonder why I’ve been putting on a little podge…

So there you have it, this is basically what I did yesterday morning then went to the outdoor pool in Prince Alfred park to work them all off. My friend Helen has said I can use her oven to make actual cakes and mince pies so I think we’re going to do that at some point this week which will be super fun. If you have any suggestions on what we can make leave a comment below.

Until then,




Day 2 of blogmas and I’m still going strong. Albeit I’ve got 23 days to go but it’s a hopeful start. The title of this post seems a bit strange, the words “decorating” and “cave” in the same sentence isn’t something you see every day. I’m going to assume that every traveller knows what I mean by this, but for those of you who don’t know or if it’s only something that people at Wake Up do, I’ll explain. If you have a bottom bunk in the hostel you can drape a sheet the whole way around it to give yourself some privacy and not get woken up by light in the morning. Another bonus is that if you clip two lanyards from the roof of the bunk you can make your own little cinema by placing your phone or iPad through the loops.

I was going to vlog decorating the bunk but my phone keeps running out of storage and I’m yet to buy the camera I want, so a blog post with low quality photos will have to do for now. Maya and I made a trip to Dollar King yesterday and I bought some fairy lights, tinsel, and snowflake decorations. Also, before I came to Australia I packed some old photos I had from my first and second year of uni, and at some point I’ll print a few third year photos to stick up too.

To decorate my little space I stuck the battery box of the fairy lights to my light box and twisted them around the ladder at the head of my bed. Where they left off I used tinsel decorate the opposite post and stretched it all along the top of my bed, so you can see it hanging down from outside the bed. Where the light box shines down the wall I stuck the pictures up, which I think adds a really nice touch along with the snowflakes along the walls. Watching a film with just the fairy lights on felt so cosy last night, all I needed was a packet of Tim Tams and it would’ve been perfect.

Being in a hostel for Christmas might not sound great, but spending it with my Wake Up family and having my own little decorated space will make it feel more homely and I’m sure it’s going to be great. Plus we’ll be sat on a beach to celebrate whilst everyone back home freezes their asses off. Sorry, not sorry.

Until tomorrow guys,




Well hello there! The Christmas season is finally upon us, and what better way to get into the seasonal spirit than to partake in Blogmas. For the next 25 days I’m going to try and post once every day with a super Christmassy theme, whether it be an ultimate Christmas playlist or documenting my attempt to make no-bake cookies (ah the struggles of living in a hostel without an oven). I’m really excited to get stuck into this, especially because it’s currently 30 degrees in Sydney so I need something to remind me that it’s not the middle of July.

Considering I only just decided this morning to do Blogmas I thought I’d start off with a quick and simple post for day one. Living and working in a hostel means I don’t have a sofa and a TV, but I do have Netflix on my iPad and a bottom bunk cave, so I’ll still be having Christmas movie marathons. There are films that I watch religiously every December, but I’ve narrowed them down to a list of 8.

1. Jingle All The Way
I know that as soon as I watch this film it’ll make me miss home. It’s my Mum’s favourite Christmas film and it’s become a yearly tradition to watch it together as soon as it comes on Sky Movies. Released in 1996 and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, it follows a Dad trying to make amends with his son by finding him the most wanted gift of the holiday season. But along the way problems arise and it turns into a great family comedy.

2. The Grinch
Of course this green-faced Scrooge makes the list. It’s a classic and always makes my heart grow three sizes. Pun intended.

3. Elf
Another classic. Buddy the Elf never fails to bring a smile to my face and reminds me that you don’t have to be a kid to still enjoy Christmas. There are so many quotes from this film that I always use in daily life, moreso in the run up to Christmas. I don’t think I’ve actually met anyone who doesn’t like this film, and if don’t like it well, you’re just a cotton-headed ninny-muggins.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas
I know, I know, it’s technically a Halloween film. But I don’t care, it’s still acceptable to watch as a Christmas film too. Singing along to ‘What’s This?’ and ‘Kidnap The Sandy Claws’ is enough to get me into the Christmas spirit. Plus because it’s also a Halloween film I can watch it in October. It’s the best of both worlds.

5. The Santa Clause
I know it’s a trilogy but putting all three on the list would take the mick a bit, so I’ll just list the first and you can pretend the other two are also on here. Like Jingle All The Way, it’s a classic that will never get old. It’s another film that I always watch with my Mum and this year I’ll be watching it with a cup of tea and a packet of Tim Tams.

6. Home Alone
You can’t have a Christmas movie list without Home Alone. I don’t even need to explain why it’s one of my favourites.

7. Jack Frost
A real tearjerker to watch this month is Jack Frost. I remember the first time I watched it as a kid and I was sobbing. I didn’t watch it again until years later but I think I can now compose myself to watch it again because it really is a good film, even though it traumatized my 6-year-old self.

8. Nativity
More recent than the other films on the list, Nativity is a good British comedy that makes me think of Year 2 when we did the nativity and I got to play an angel after two years of being cast as a shepard wearing a tea towel on my head. I think I enjoy this film so much because the kids play such a big role in the comedy of it all and do it so well. It’s makes it different from the rest, and the following two sequels don’t ruin the franchise either.

So there you have it, eight of my favourite Christmas films that I’ll be watching this month. I’ll probably hit publish and then think of loads more, but hey at least that gives me an idea for another post if I’m falling short of blogmas ideas.

Until tomorrow,


Hello hello! I know I’ve not posted anything since September, but between exploring Sydney, looking for day jobs, working, and applying for Masters degrees I’ve found it difficult to dedicate enough time to just sit down and write. Hopefully this post will be the kick up the ass I need to start blogging regularly, especially now that it’s nearly Christmas (yay blogmas)!

This post is just a little collection of photos of Emma’s pool party in celebration of her birthday and sponsorship to stay in Australia. All photos were taken on a Go Pro Hero+ by taking stills from videos I took throughout the day. The weather was boiling hot and I feel so lucky to be able to have these experiences and spend them with people who I now consider my second family.


So I’m finally publishing my first blog post at what seems like the best time considering I’ve just started my gap year. I’ve been in Australia for a week now and it’s only just starting to sink in that I’m so far away from home. As my jetlag is only just dissipating I’ve not done as much over the past week, but I might as well document the main thing that I did do. Also I swear there is a white ‘m’ on that photo above, my cousin can spell.

The Coogee to Bondi coastal walk. If you want a good form of exercise that comes with a view then this is exactly how to get it in Sydney. It starts from Coogee beach and passes through Clovelly, Bronte, and Tamarama, concluding with the famous Bondi beach. The walk itself is nearly 4 miles one-way but it felt a lot further and way more exerting because of the walks up to the cliffs, stairs to climb up, rocks to climb over, and the fact that it’s not a straight path. By the time I got to Tamarama beach I was ready to ask a passer-by to give me a piggy back ride the rest of the way. Every beach was so beautiful and it was great walking on white sand and looking out to clear blue sea rather than the murky brown sea like back home.

 I’m moving into a hostel at Bondi Beach tomorrow so it’s definitely going to be something I do often while I stay in Sydney, although I’ll most likely shorten it to only walk from Bondi to Bronte and back. 

I’m super excited to move into a hostel and start meeting other travelers, and I can finally surf here as the place I’ll be staying at is just across the road from the beach. It’ll be nice not to feel like I’m about to develop pneumonia whenever I go in the sea like I nearly did back home (lesson learned: don’t surf in the UK in November when it’s snowing).

So for now I’ll leave it there but I’ll keep updating when I get the chance and hopefully readers will enjoy my little travel blog and inspire some of their own adventures too!


Until next time, 

Liv xo