Oh wow we’re in double digits now people, blogmas day 10 is here! I’ve got a jam-packed weekend so today and tomorrow’s posts are going to be short and sweet. Have you ever been stuck on what to get someone for Secret Santa or find yourself browsing for ages trying to find little bits and bobs to fill up a stocking with? Well look no further because I’m about to give you a quick rundown of 5 gift ideas I’ve found to fill a stocking with that won’t break the budget!

1. Chocolate 
Whether it be a Terry’s Chocolate Orange or a bag of gold coins, I always had some sort of chocolate treat in my stocking from my Mum. They’re great for nibbling on throughout the day while you’re waiting for that heavenly Roast to cook.

2. Lush bath bombs
Because you can never go wrong with a good lush product. If you’re stuck on which one to get there are so many blog posts and YouTube videos of Lush hauls with reviews and recommendations on a variety of products.

3. Fluffy socks 
They don’t necessarily have to be Christmas themed, even if they’re just stripy or a plain fall colour I still love receiving a new pair of cosy socks for Christmas. Plus they’ll get you through the rest of Winter and come on, if you live in the UK they’ll get you through “Summer” too.

4. Books  
I don’t know about anyone else but if I was given a new book in my stocking I’d be proper pleased, and I’m sure fellow book enthusiasts would agree. You can buy books from Amazon for as little as £3.65 and pay no extra for shipping if you have Prime.

5. Festive phone case 
What better way to get into the the Christmas spirit than to Christmas-ify (I’m going to count that as a word for now) your phone?! Amazon sell loads of cases for an affordable price, and if you’re a Prime customer some of them come with free next day delivery. You might want to give this present a little earlier than Christmas day though so they can get more wear out of it, unless you’re like me and will continue to have Christmas decorations up for as long as possible, even after the day has been and gone.

So that’s my little list of gift ideas under £5. This week I might do a Top 10 Under £10 post but as I’ve got a really busy weekend ahead I only had time for a short post today. Tomorrow is our staff Christmas boat party so I’ll do a photo set on Monday of our shenanigans if it’s not too crazy, which it probably will be…
Until tomorrow guys,