Today seems like the perfect time to publish this post, with the gloomy Manchester weather raining down outside my window, because come on, a Pride post is sure to brighten up anyone’s day, right?

Every year my Mum and I head up to Glasgow around the first weekend of August to visit family, which means we usually the catch the finals of the Bagpipe World Championships. This year I went to Boomtown Fair festival instead, so we rescheduled for the week after, meaning we got the opportunity to celebrate Glasgow Pride.

I’ve never actually been to a pride event before, albeit being from a town that’s known for its spectacular drag shows, and living in a city that has long been argued to be the gay capital of the UK. Tickets for the main event in Glasgow Green had already sold out by the time we had decided to go, but there was still the parade through the city centre to enjoy.

The parade was nothing short of fabulous, with music blasting from floats, people flying the pride flag proudly above their heads (pun intended), and countless dogs wearing colourful tutus, with my favourite being a Dalmatian covered in rainbow chalk.


I’m a sucker for a good freebie, so when people from the parade started handing out things like pens, pride wristbands, multi-coloured sunglasses, and bags of sweets and chocolate, it’s safe to say I was in my element. My absolute favourite though was a rainbow flag face-marker (is that how to describe it?). It’s a small, all-in-one set, where all you have to do it run it along your cheeks, or wherever you want it, and voila you have the LGBTQ flag done just like that! I’ve always wondered how people get their flag face paint so perfect, and now I know the answer!

The whole afternoon left us in such high spirits, and the centre of Glasgow was certainly feeling it too. I was so glad we got to celebrate and show our support for the LGBT community, and although I do enjoy seeing the Bagpipe finals, we’ve agreed we’re heading up at the same time next year to attend Pride once again.