Day 2 of blogmas and I’m still going strong. Albeit I’ve got 23 days to go but it’s a hopeful start. The title of this post seems a bit strange, the words “decorating” and “cave” in the same sentence isn’t something you see every day. I’m going to assume that every traveller knows what I mean by this, but for those of you who don’t know or if it’s only something that people at Wake Up do, I’ll explain. If you have a bottom bunk in the hostel you can drape a sheet the whole way around it to give yourself some privacy and not get woken up by light in the morning. Another bonus is that if you clip two lanyards from the roof of the bunk you can make your own little cinema by placing your phone or iPad through the loops.

I was going to vlog decorating the bunk but my phone keeps running out of storage and I’m yet to buy the camera I want, so a blog post with low quality photos will have to do for now. Maya and I made a trip to Dollar King yesterday and I bought some fairy lights, tinsel, and snowflake decorations. Also, before I came to Australia I packed some old photos I had from my first and second year of uni, and at some point I’ll print a few third year photos to stick up too.

To decorate my little space I stuck the battery box of the fairy lights to my light box and twisted them around the ladder at the head of my bed. Where they left off I used tinsel decorate the opposite post and stretched it all along the top of my bed, so you can see it hanging down from outside the bed. Where the light box shines down the wall I stuck the pictures up, which I think adds a really nice touch along with the snowflakes along the walls. Watching a film with just the fairy lights on felt so cosy last night, all I needed was a packet of Tim Tams and it would’ve been perfect.

Being in a hostel for Christmas might not sound great, but spending it with my Wake Up family and having my own little decorated space will make it feel more homely and I’m sure it’s going to be great. Plus we’ll be sat on a beach to celebrate whilst everyone back home freezes their asses off. Sorry, not sorry.

Until tomorrow guys,