Hello and welcome to Blogmas day 20! In my December Bucket List post I mentioned that I really wanted to go and watch the fireworks down at Darling Harbour before Christmas. Last night I finally got to tick that off the list as Maya and I took a walk around Sydney to see the Christmas lights and ended the night at the firework display.

On the way to Darling Harbour we stopped off at the Queen Victoria building to admire the Swarovski tree which was spectacular. It stood through the middle of three floors and had crystals and lights hanging from its branches. Afterwards we walked past Bloch and I got so excited because yesterday I watched a video of their pointe shoes Christmas tree but didn’t even realise it was the Sydney store, so imagine my excitement when we walked by and there it was!

The fireworks at the harbour only lasted 10 minutes or so but they were wonderful and as they’re on every night until the 24th I’ll probably end up going to watch them again. Plus I’d take any excuse to buy an ice cream and sit along the calm waterfront again. The whole night made me super excited for the famous New Year’s Eve fireworks at Circular Quay which I’m sure will be stunning, and yes I will be writing a post on those too.

Until tomorrow,




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