Hello and welcome to Blogmas day 19! When I find blogs I like I always spend at least an hour scrolling back through their archives reading any post that catches my eye. There are a couple that I’ve really enjoyed reading this month, especially because their posts have been Christmas themed, so for today’s blogmas post I’ve rounded them up into a list for you guys to check out too!

1. Tea Bee 
Tania’s lifestyle, beauty and travel blog is so aesthetically pleasing, which is what originally roped me in, and her Blogmas posts have been so creative and have really gotten me into the Christmas spirit when I’ve been missing home. My favourite festive posts of hers so far so far is Beauty Advent Calender Wishlist, Winter Wonderland and 7 Ways to Help You Get Into the Christmas Spirit.

2. The Scarlet State 
I only just started reading Sarah’s blog a few days ago after I saw it on the Blogosphere Magazine website. Already I’ve read her posts back to October 2015 (and now I sound obsessed don’t I), but she’s written so many interesting posts how could I not? Her post “A Peek Inside my Sketchbook, Pricess & Style” was such a great way to show that all pieces of work before the final product don’t have to be perfect, and I like that her posts aren’t constrained to one particular niche. I’m always surprised by what pops up on the next page when scrolling through her blog.

3. Milk Bubble Tea 
Becky hasn’t been doing daily Blogmas posts but the ones she has done have been good reads and there’s something about her photography that makes me want to buy my camera now (better get saving the $$$). Reading her post “An Explanation” made me appreciate the little things we sometimes take for granted and “Cosying Up For Christmas” had me feeling festive before I had even finished reading.

4. A Girl Recommends 
Rachel was actually one of Liv Living Life’s first followers, and since then I’ve followed and kept up with her blog too. Her Blogmas posts so far have been so good I’m actually really loving them, with my personal favourites being “Winter Date Ideas” (so cute!) and her mince pies baking post. Even though it wasn’t technically a Blogmas post her DIY Advent Calender has made me so excited for next Christmas so I can make one too, it’s so creative and I never would have thought to do it otherwise.

So these are the four bloggers I’m seriously loving right now, and hopefully you guys will give them a read and think the same! They’re all such brilliant writers and their blogs have been put together so well I can only hope that one day my blog will be just as good.
Until tomorrow,


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