Blogmas day 15 is upon us and the weather in Sydney is 18 degrees, dull and raining. Its so weird how the past few days have been scorching hot at 35 degrees but overnight the temperature has dropped by nearly half. Actually I don’t know why I find that odd considering the weather back home dramatically changes every hour…

I’m currently waiting for three packages to arrive from home which I’m super excited for because they’re all from my Mum and I don’t actually know what’s in the first parcel, so it’s going to be a nice surprise when it finally arrives. This time last year I would have still been in my student house juggling a load of uni deadlines and starting my revision for January exams. As I mentioned in a previous post I’m appreciative that I’ve got a break this year from the stress of uni work so I can enjoy Christmas without having revision and deadlines on the back of my mind. I worked so much during college and uni to the point where my Mum banned me from revising on Christmas Day because I needed a break.

Usually my Mum and I spend the day watching festive films and eating our body weight in Christmas food, but last year we decided to do something different and head up north to Glasgow to spend it with family. This was really nice because it meant I got to see my favourite pooches, Cody and Skye, and see my Gran and Granda around the holidays which I don’t usually get to do. Scotland is freezing, and I mean FREEZING, this time of year which does make it feel more festive but at the same time I hate waking up cold in the morning. 

I think it’s nice to experience Christmas somewhere other than what you’re used to, which is why I’m glad I’m in Australia this year. Home will always be there for when I eventually come back, and I’m sure once I’m back I’ll be complaining about how much I miss the beach days and hot weather.

Until tomorrow,




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