Hello and welcome to Blogmas day 14! We’re over half way there now which means we’re getting even closer to Christmas Day! Only within the past few months have I started to watch vloggers like Zoella, Joe Sugg, the SacconeJolys, Alfie Deyes and Tanya Burr. At the end of November I caught up with all 24 days of Zoella’s 2015 vlogmas and now I get excited every time I get an email notifiying me a new video has been posted.

I don’t know what it is about vlogs that interests me so much. Maybe it’s just human nature to be nosy about the day-to-day lives or of others or maybe it’s just that watching people’s vlogmas videos and seeing them do festive things gets me into the Christmas spirit. Either way I love watching them.

Zoella’s vlogs have the cutest intros and I think hers feel more Christmassy than Joe or Alfie’s, so for that she’s my favourite vlogmas vlogger this year. In a way her videos make me want to go home for Christmas because of all the festive things there are to do in the UK, but I also know how cold it is back home right now so maybe not.

Anyway that was just a little post I had in mind for today as I’ve not really had time to do a long post. I’ve been Christmas shopping for my friend Maya and it’s been 34 degrees and so humid in Sydney today which has made me feel really ill. I’ll be back writing longer posts tomorrow though as I’m free the whole day.

Until then,




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