Hello hello and welcome to Blogmas day 12! Last night was the Wake Up staff Christmas party, and what better way to celebrate than on a boat!? I was sober pretty much the whole night because I’m not a big drinker but my goodness I’m feeling exhausted today. 12 hours of being out in the sun and partying really takes it out of you.

We started at 1pm in Roy’s cafe until a private bus took us to King Street Brewhouse in Darling Harbour. This is where I started to feel light-headed because of the heat so I stopped drinking, but everyone else was starting to get quite merry which was a great sight to see. At 4 our boat arrived and we boarded. I’ve never been on a private boat before so I felt proper fancy and the staff were so lovely. It was free alcohol the whole time we were on there and a DJ played inside the lower level. We cruised out of Darling Harbour, under the Harbour Bridge and past the Opera House, up to a secluded beach in North Sydney, and bearing in mind we were on the boat for around 2 hours before we docked it was safe to say most people were already steaming by the time we got there. 

Getting off the boat with a load of inflatable unicorns and rafts was interesting to say the least, the parents on the beach looked a bit baffled but the kids ended up playing with the inflatable raft so at least they were content. My personal favourite was the inflatable unicorns, which were like the swans I always see on the YouTube summer parties and luxury instagram pages so I was really in my element at that point. Oh and did I mention FREE PIZZA? Free Dominos is the way to my heart and there was enough to feed us three times over, so thanks Dave and Dev!

After a few too many slices of pizza and a game of cricket we boarded the boat and made our way back to Darling Harbour. By this point you could see how drunk people were and I’m surprised no one fell overboard (here’s looking at you, Tiemen)… The two hour journey back was filled with music, drinking and a lot of bad singing, if you can even call it singing. I don’t have any photos from after we got off the boat but we went to Cargo and ended up back at Side Bar. 

It was such a great night and I’m so glad I get to live and work with these lot, they’ve really made my time in Sydney a memorable experience and I’m going to be so lost without them when I eventually leave Australia (if I leave, that is). Hope you all enjoy my collection of favourite photos from the day! Most were taken on my Go Pro but some were from other people’s cameras and phones so apologies that they’re all different sizes and filters.

Much love,

Wake Up Family




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