Hello and welcome to Blogmas day 9! Every year I look forward to seeing all the new Christmas advert air on TV and as soon as the Coca Cola ad comes on for the first time everyone knows the countdown to Christmas day has begun. Personally I think the UK always has the best Christmas adverts, so even though I’ve not been home this holiday season and don’t have access to live British TV I’ve still been keeping up with all the adverts through Youtube and Facebook, and for today’s blogmas post I’ve compiled a list of a few of my favourites. Instead of having a post full of videos I’ve just linked them in instead, so if you click on the name of each advert company it’ll take you to the video on Youtube. Coca Cola would be on here but I feel like it’s already implied that it’s one of my favourite ads.

Heathrow Airport – Coming Home for Christmas
When I first watched this ad I thought it was going to be about a child losing their teddy bears and Heathrow getting them back safely, but this wasn’t the case and I was pleasantly surprised by the twist at the end.

John Lewis – Buster the Boxer
Although The Journey (2012) and Man on the Moon (2015) are two of my absolute favourites and always brought a tear to my eye, John Lewis still did well with this year’s advert and I love all the little woodland creatures too.

Apple –  Frankie’s Holiday
With a Christmas twist on Frankenstein I really did have a tear escape whilst watching this. I like that the Apple product isn’t the centre of the ad, but rather spreading Christmas cheer and making sure everyone is included.

ALDI Australia –  Nothing Beats the Perfect Aussie Christmas
This one really made me laugh. It focuses on getting an Aussie family into the Christmas spirit like the rest of the world who celebrate it in Winter and don’t celebrate the day with a BBQ in the sun. I think the whole advert is really well done and

M&S – Christmas With Love From Mrs Claus
“Don’t forget Australia” “I won’t. Easily done.”
This year M&S have showcased Mrs Claus as the main savior of Christmas and shows that family is the most important thing, even if you do annoy each other sometimes.

WWF UK – #iProtectTigers
This is a really heartwarming advert and usually I only see Christmas ads promoting clothes or food stores, so it’s nice to see an animal charity one too this year.

I have a couple of other ads I really liked this year too, and like I said the Coca Cola one would be on here but it’s usually the same one every year so I’d rather showcase some of the newer ones in this post.

Until tomorrow,



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