Hello hello and welcome to blogmas day 7! I feel like I should have some sort of video intro after I introduce the day like Vloggers do for vlogmas. Wearing cheesy Christmas jumpers, PJs and fluffy leggings is a guilty pleasure of mine, so even though I won’t be wearing them this year I still wanted to put together a post showing some of my favourite festive knitwear that I’ve found this season. I’ve used only UK websites as I doubt anyone reading this from Australia wants to buy heavy knitwear, unless they’re planning on dying from heatstroke anytime soon…

1. Eva Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Jumper – £15 –
The classic quite from Home Alone, there are loads of websites you can get one of these from but most of my wardrobe is from Boohoo I love them, their clothes are always affordable but great quality.

2. Natalie Wine Spot Pom Pom Onesie – £18 –
Every year I go on the hunt for a good onesie and this burgundy polka dot piece looks so freakin’ cosy. It’s even got a hood to make it extra snug.

3. Black Squad Goals Christmas Jumper – £20 –
I love love love this jumper! I might just buy it and save it for the Australian winter.

4. Polar Bear Fairisle Jumper – £14 – Primark
Primark Christmas jumpers are always quite tight fitting and warm. I really like the pattern on this one and it would go with so much in my wardrobe back home.

5.  Ho Ho Ho Novelty Red Knit Legging – £10 – Primark
I have a pair of these back home but in different colours and I kid you not they’re so comfy! They’re great to lounge around the house in on a lazy Winter day and because they’re tight fitting they’re super warm.

6. Novelty Christmas Reindeer Hot Water Bottle – £10 –
Okay okay so I know it’s not knitwear or even clothing for that matter but how cute is this water bottle cover!? Snuggling with this at night would really get you into the festive spirit.

7. Fashion Union Christmas Pudding Pug Jumper – £20 –
This has to be one of the cutest Christmas jumper I’ve ever seen. It’s a Christmas pugging! Get it? Eh? I’m hilarious I know.

8. Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Muggle – £8.08 – Etsy
Anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I love the play on the Home Alone quote on this jumper, so I think I’m going to buy one of these from the Etsy Australia store and save it for Aussie winter. There are loads of shops on Etsy that do this jumper so have a look around for different colours or designs, there are some really lovely ones on there.

I actually really enjoyed writing this post and creating the graphic showing my selection of favourites, so over the next week of blogmas I’m going to do a few more of these and I hope you guys enjoy reading these too!


Until tomorrow,



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