Welcome to Blogmas day 6! I’m feeling very happy and festive today as there was a thunder and lightning storm yesterday and torrential rain today. Usually I would hate it as there’s not really much to do in Sydney when the weather’s like this but as I’ve been missing home recently it’s made me feel better. I know once Christmas passes I’ll be back to my old merry self and it’s completely normal to get a little homesick over the holidays so I’m sure I’m not the only one. Today Maya and I braced the storm and did a grocery shop at Woolies. There are so many festive treats I want to buy right now but to avoid putting on a load of Christmas weight I’m going to have to pace myself. In saying that though I bought a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and demolished it within a few hours so…

My day was proper made though on the way back to Wake Up when we crossed the road to see the front of a bus decorated for the season. And who was driving this bus I hear you ask? Santa himself of course! This driver must really love his job and it put a smile on everyone’s face at the crossing. As we were walking in front he shouted Merry Christmas out the window to everyone, so lovely! 

Just a short and sweet post today as I’ve not really done anything and I didn’t get in until 2:30 last night then slept until midday, whoops… I’m going to blame that one on the Dutchies. December 5th is their Sinterklaas celebration, so they played gift swapping games and drank the night away. It was really interesting to watch and learn about because we don’t have traditions like that back home, and being taught about traditions from other countries and cultures is something I really enjoy. 

Helen and I are baking tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for that upcoming post.
Until tomorrow,




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