Hello and welcome to Blogmas day 3! This post was actually meant for day 2 but I decided to change it up a little so I had more time to write it. Because I don’t have an oven in the hostel I had a look online for some no-bake recipes, then remembered the classic crispy cakes everyone made at least once in primary school, most likely for Easter with mini eggs for the toppings. I feel like I don’t need to write out a recipe or a step-by-step for this because they’re so simple to make and pretty much everyone has already done them before. However this would be a super short post if I didn’t say just a little something about it.

I always laugh when people buy frozen pizzas and then realise there’s no freezers or an oven to cook them in, so when guests were walking into the kitchen and saw Maya and I preparing these I’m sure they thought the same. But all we did was break up two bars of Coles Belgian chocolate, which is bloody lovely by the way, melted them in the microwave, then poured them into a big bowl of Rice Krispies and mixed it all together. As easy as pie. We looked for mini marshmallows at the store to make them look more Christmassy but had no luck, so instead we poured them into festive-themed cupcake holders and stuck santa and reindeer decorations on them. Cute, I know.

We then stuck them in the fridge for around twenty minutes and voila, we had twelve crispy cakes ready to eat, and by ready to eat I mean I ate all six of mine before the day was over. And yet I wonder why I’ve been putting on a little podge…

So there you have it, this is basically what I did yesterday morning then went to the outdoor pool in Prince Alfred park to work them all off. My friend Helen has said I can use her oven to make actual cakes and mince pies so I think we’re going to do that at some point this week which will be super fun. If you have any suggestions on what we can make leave a comment below.

Until then,




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