So I’m finally publishing my first blog post at what seems like the best time considering I’ve just started my gap year. I’ve been in Australia for a week now and it’s only just starting to sink in that I’m so far away from home. As my jetlag is only just dissipating I’ve not done as much over the past week, but I might as well document the main thing that I did do. Also I swear there is a white ‘m’ on that photo above, my cousin can spell.

The Coogee to Bondi coastal walk. If you want a good form of exercise that comes with a view then this is exactly how to get it in Sydney. It starts from Coogee beach and passes through Clovelly, Bronte, and Tamarama, concluding with the famous Bondi beach. The walk itself is nearly 4 miles one-way but it felt a lot further and way more exerting because of the walks up to the cliffs, stairs to climb up, rocks to climb over, and the fact that it’s not a straight path. By the time I got to Tamarama beach I was ready to ask a passer-by to give me a piggy back ride the rest of the way. Every beach was so beautiful and it was great walking on white sand and looking out to clear blue sea rather than the murky brown sea like back home.

 I’m moving into a hostel at Bondi Beach tomorrow so it’s definitely going to be something I do often while I stay in Sydney, although I’ll most likely shorten it to only walk from Bondi to Bronte and back. 

I’m super excited to move into a hostel and start meeting other travelers, and I can finally surf here as the place I’ll be staying at is just across the road from the beach. It’ll be nice not to feel like I’m about to develop pneumonia whenever I go in the sea like I nearly did back home (lesson learned: don’t surf in the UK in November when it’s snowing).

So for now I’ll leave it there but I’ll keep updating when I get the chance and hopefully readers will enjoy my little travel blog and inspire some of their own adventures too!


Until next time, 

Liv xo


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